tree pose

yoga poses i’m enjoying at the mo (a short series, almost certainly of 1)
tree pose (Vrksasana)… i’ve always considered myself to be reasonably rubbish at balance poses, but by doing yoga more in the morning rather than much later at classes in the evening, i don’t fall over as much!
gravity is less early in the day q.e.d… actually i always just knew it was you buffoons putting me off with your inept teeter tootter toppling! (oops!)
things i like about tree pose… well, i always imagine i’m some sort of mature majestic beech, slender, tall, smooth grey skin trunk (fagus fagus! and i was fagin in the caves)
gotta love the flow of tree energy… we be ents… tweaking a Reiki(?) meditaion… in the pose focus attention on the hara, just below the belly button, all weight flowing down the stationary leg
then imagine roots burst forth from the foot, then wriggle down into the ground
slowly these roots start to absorb energy up from the earth mother… red gold, gold red… oozing upwards to suffuse the body
next as the arms waft aloft, stretch, reach to the heavens, white light flows down from the heavenly father, through the crown chakra…
these 2 energies blend and merge in the heart, we shimmer tantalise with light
….try not to fall over
inevitably getting into pose, before the 5 second timer on my computer camera was a dash… watch da birdie!
and i much prefered just goofing about!
sigh signalling virtue again! tis a hobby during lockdown


ooh meditated in the back yard this morning… things to do in lockdown part 777… seedlings outside for ‘toughening’ up… tis the season of the frisson of al fresco, all our usual practices receive the spur of excitement of being beneath sky
by a herculean effort have updated my meditation status… from sporadic to… fanfare… erratic!
may well look as tho i’m grumpily snoozing in a deck chair… but occasional waves of the golden nectar of ambrosial bliss… lots of pondering what to put in the washing machine …socks!… thinking those churruping sparows are exceedingly LOUD… usual meddlesome mind… meditation is super, do give it a whirl, if you don’t already… soothing and pleasantly incremental… just keep plodding along… nothing to get right… nowhere else to be… nothing to see here
change is inevitable, to open eyes to the nettle patch rather than the usual buddha
bit o’metta bhavna, some prising of chakras open… bish bash bosh om shanti!

normal people

obligatory ‘normal people’ post, yes, i know everybody has reccommended it, but felt to add my small pebble of praise to the pile… if you haven’t already… watch it… one of the best things on telly in a while
finally finished it last night, didn’t feel the need to rush
inevitably a bit of a soap opera tear jerker (i blub easily) about attractive yet troubled young folk
BUT… beautifully filumed, it looks amazing, the irish accents are familiar, and the mannerisms even more so, fab music, superb direction… all of which makes space for and holds the luminous performances of the 2 main protagonists
nuanced, subtle, mercurial, vulnerable and compelling… feels real x

normal people

mz marling

ooh by a pleasant congruence laura marling picks the music on whats probs my fave Radio show
… was thinking i should try to share things i like, just to dilute the slew of selfies?
this mix is almost lounge jazz… Roberta Flak, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell and many others i’ve never heard before…
i think dad would have liked this… the ambience reminded me of being a teenager loafing around in the armchairs after sunday lunch… inevitably picked up his taste for mournful female vocals
sherbailey has long cancelled her spotify, so i listen to a fair bit of radio, tho only ever on catch up
the chillest show is brill, as it’s all mellow music, most of it frightfully modern… phil taggart, northern irelands finest (and a brighton resident) makes me laugh.
I’ve loved mz marlings stuff all the way back to ‘alas i cannot swim’… talent.

laura marling mix


Spirulina the virulent! basically radioactive pond slobber… with possibly a higher iq and certainly oodles more compassion than any member of the government
we influencers like to share grub snaps of our glamorous lifestyles… breakfast with my usual post yoga morning glow
daughter has got me into overnight oats… cold soggy porridge… proper ballast… without any of the irksome waiting around for it to cook and scraping cement off the pot washing up… i’m a busy man!
this rendition has chia seeds, hemp hearts and my own home made nettle powder… strawbs, banana and peanut butter
what does it taste like? best you don’t ask! i love the taste of fresh nettles, but once dried they smell like boiled underpants
as for spirulina, i am trying to reside in a field of non judgemental open presence… ommm… possibly not nommm
just because you imagine it makes you gag doesn’t mean it lacks virtue for your taste buds
‘blessings on the coaxing of the golden light of the sun, the nurturing warmth of mother earth, the softness of rain, the exuberant gusts of wind… harmony’
tally ho tings to do… have a righteous beautiful day! x

young one one

feels so near i can almost taste it, yet somehow, almost exactly, half a life time ago!… what does become of our younger selves… the river of time and all that malarkey
… edit… adding brief words, belatedly, to what is but a supremely lazy ‘memories of yesteryear’ repost…….
curious as to the provenance of this snap… i remember that we were in a pub car park, somewhere in surrey… with mum and dad, hence the dreads scraped back out of sight, suspect mel would have taken it
summer early 90’s… i’m either just back from prague or the caves in granada… or possibly even south america, but don’t think it’s that late time wise
not one of my pics, as i didn’t take a single one till the kids were born, old photos are somewhat skimpy on the ground
ah what became of that carefree fellow?… guess the young are seldom carefree… just my concerns would have been along the lines of ‘where am i sleeping tonight, wheres the next party!’
oops, it’s become a maudlin’ morning now… i’m shocked my socks match… thats what happens when you dress soberly to please the fogies
and more importantly what became of those groovy deckchair shorts… missing them sommat grevious! x