words of text

saw a seal the other day. Rottingdene, Finn and i out for a sunset stroll… 10 yards off shore… the usual bob n’gawp, languid eyed, she ducked her head, sea silk, then glided below
heart yearn and wonder, but not enough to coax her come back… for sure, in places, they are common, i remember a posse, blubber coated, lolloping along the strand in dublin… but seldom glimpsed around here (‘cept a couple of times on the ouse)
wanted to type lachrymose (lachry-morose!), but few animals are prone to tears, with the honourable excetion of doves (who am i to quibble with the diminuitive, sadly deceased, pop genius)
if any animal were to cry tho… surely it would be the seal… salt tears into the sea… who would we be to know?
too fleeting for a photo… so, but a now, ninja womb alien selfie… nothing extraordinary nor exceptional
bit flummoxed by today, tumbled into the weekend bereft of plans… no festies, no classes… and weather that promises nowt but sogginess
still glugged turmeric juice… a banana, strawberry, chococolate and peanut butter wrap (yum!)… do some yoga, bask in the subtle integrity and cohesiveness of body… have a lovely one whatever you be up too x

crikey… i’m the spit of ‘old aunty pat’ who did a crystal ball reading for us all when we were kids… i was ‘going to be an accountant’, my brov a parachutist… such the premonition and power of 1970s clairvoyance!

flaps: theres still time

aw one can but dream of what might have been! a black belt in double entry bookkeeping…. representing piddinghoe at the nationals in ‘adding up more things than you can count on your fingers and toes’… sighdid i mention she was the spit of barbara cartland? anyway you’ve interrupted my vinyassa flow… 2 more sun salutations then finally sivassana snooze x

Runner Beans

words of text

i’ve been hugely enjoying Runner Beans this summer… not for the yield obviously ‘one bean Dick’, but its the first time i’ve grown these critters
truly the Magic Beans from Jack and the Beanstalk… fee fo fi fum… such boisterous, roving, mischevious plants… wriggle creepers! corkscrewing up the canes, vines on the climb
space rockets… saturn v… mission control we have lift off!
one has eloped next door, over the fence and far away… such orchid-esque 2 tone flowers, orange and white
another, eschewing its suggested support has meandered off and compromised itself with a pink flowered great willow herb, standing a metre and a half in the ‘scrruffy’ part of the yard
no idea what the willow herb makes of it, but such riotous exuberance!… they don’t seem to be stranglers in the way of the dread bind weed… just hitching a ride

hmm i actually would have preferred a collage with the tall picture of the bean… but the auto tool wasn’t ‘aving it… i’m not quite as preposterously ego centric as it seems… not quite!

Childish natch, but always fun to make covert obscene gestures


words of rainbow

‘she comes in colours everywhere…. like a Raaainnnbowww’
an evening stride up the cliffs to shake the muzziness of a days code from my be-barnacled head
wind whipped, beneath the wall of the harbour arm, the sea cauldron churns to an ambrosia of chaos
occasionally amongst the cacophony, a wave is hurled up, a white mare hurtles over to the far side (fosby flop! ever a muddle metaphor, nary care!)
the wave, stretched, then wind smeared, spume in slow motion distintegration… atomised!
so far, so beautiful, so ordinary, a common autumnal sight (its the tail end o’june)
but tonight, for a mere 5 minutes, a rent in the cloud cover, the westerning sun, daubed the darkened sea with teal and turquoise
… and there, as the wave dispersed, the fine diaphonous sheen of Rainbows
of course i tried to catch it, we always do, on mobile phone… and now, far too weary, with words… futile… better but to bask in the eternity…. ephemera
ha, oft times my heart gets snagged, ripped open by some dubious folly of love… yet nature tears the soul with wonder… grand evening for a stroll anyway!


words of text

woken by the soft patter of plump raindrops against the loft windows
the sound of soothe… restless thought subsides, eases to fall into step with the rhythm… the beat of what? popcorn static

heartfelt thanks for all the messages, cards, presents, chats and phone calls (what on earth is a ‘birthday story’!)
many small acts of cherishing, the generosity of friends and family… i am blessed!
to those who missed it… due to the swamp of busy-ness, else the harrumph of neglect… this is normal, it is fine, no matter… plus there is still time!
… and even to those few, ha, who sit in judgement (we all do it)… aah ‘what dragon ate your heart?’… kindness a direction, gentleness a prompt… all is grand
think that covers all of you?

i had a mellow day, hanging out with daughter, met 2 friends in town, swam in the vastness of the sea, just after the rain storm… it may not look inviting, but the most luxuriant of sea swims… a lovely day

…. and as i’m in a wafflesome mood….
woke up this morning, 55 and 1 day, i am closer to 70 than i am to 40… and 40 is, of course, drear ancient!
this tho is a good place to be! somewhere, who knows how far, along the plateau of middle age
a beautiful (and long winded) persistence of form
man is unusual in having a lifespan that often extends long after the brouhaha of breeding, child rearing… and even career
i am curious as to why this is?
elbow aside some of the insistent demands of remorseless forward… make space to ponder
who are we?
ha, i’ve not a blooming clue!… but as a simple cancerian prone to nostalgia.. here are 2 photos
me, now, sitting amongst my kingdom of tomatoes and courgettes
and one from when i was 21, brimful of youth… my lovely californian friend, sarah, sent this snap of a snap over yesterday… the frisson of never having seen it before! marooned in time
we hitched up the east coast of oz, sydney to cape trib and back… rain forest, snorkelling above the reefs, immense overnight truck rides of gabble and half sleep through the endless bush… kipping on beaches… and in strangers homes
life is but deepening into the groove
all is beautiful