has everybody seen these amazing things. Finn got some for Christmas, but he’s been too stingy to let me bring them into work.
Then the other day in the National trust shop at Nymans Gardens i found a whole stockpile of them! so now i own my very own.
Basically they’re a couple of bullet shaped very strong magnets.
What you do is throw them up in the air, they attract one to the other, then oscillate
the outcome is a beautiful screechy squizzer racket. fantastic.
like lots of whooping stag beetles, clicking their heels together
Another thing we discovered, (accidentally, at home) was that if you accidently bring them near a tv or computer monitor then the whole screen goes tie dye groovy colours.

……… old email …. as no magneto without electro
balloons and hair
I used to do the Christmas post , one year i worked in the sorting office, good fun, burly, hefty hoiking sacks of mail around.
One job was to empty the sack of fresh cold mail into a trolley, neatly fold said sack and put it in a pile.
chain gang, prison routine.
nylon trousers? nylon shoes? nylon hair? for some reason, folding a few bags used to leave me incredibly electrostatically charged.
You could almost imagine the crackle, hairs raised on the back of the neck.
I’d walk over to my friend Tania, then ,’ET phone home’, reach out with a finger, Mr Sistine Chapel South Bank Show God .
Zzzap! huge spark, blue flame crackle. Brilliant!

accchh guess thats the trouble when you have sisters, never can stop the teasing

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