tapoon piglets

once we were travelling in Costa Rica, on a bus wending it’s way along through the trees, jungle clung to the skirts of a mountain.
A Huge Barren rumbling, smoke belching, slag pit of a volcano!
The Bus driver was blaring out Salsa, and the bus was bunny hopping over the pot holes.

Finn was happy hurled from seat to seat!
at the time he was the ‘Golden Child’, 2 years old, all the locals would stop to pat him on his shock of blonde hair, else clench his cheek. coochie coo, a disturbing habit!
they all loved him, for looking so different to their beautiful but dark haired babes.

…Anyway the bus screeches to a halt, then everybody jumped out, a hullabaloo of voluble spanish. Caramba!
Following the herd i found the bus surrounded by a flock of peculiar beasts. The likes of which i have never seen before… nor since

They were piglet sized, long nosed, looked mildly like a baby tapir, but with a more weaselly fluffy Racoon face.

I shall name them tapoon piglets!
They proceeded to snuffle guzzle all the fruit which we travellers offered them, then turned tail and, as one, scurried back into the forest
Miraculous, it’s just brilliant that such things exist, i read all the Willard Price Animal books as a kid and the disembodied voice of Attenborough is a bit like a father figure god. But I’ve never seen nor heard of them critters before!
heres a baby tapir to be getting on with

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