Art Degree Show

sure lots of you have been already but it’s the art college(?) degree show on down the road, the buildings sorta opposite pavilion near that hectors house pub.
i had a snoop and a perusal at lunch
amazing how many imaginative, talented folk there are about!
also a jazz band noodling in the courtyard… and the bonus emotion that i felt like a student all over again. ha
i think it maybe the last day, but what do i know, well worth a visit after work

….. finished ….

…that’s a shame

i think theres some art in fabrika, that gallery/ church up the road
for the festival there was a viking long boat made from old wardrobes
the kids thought it was very ship in a bottle and could only wonder how they got it in thru the doors
to which i replied ‘aha’
the best exhibition they ever had in there, was a couple of years ago,
it was like a wooden bridge, glockenspiel, floorboarded contraption,
and a video screen which displayed a similar contraption in a street in Rotterdamm or Kobenhavn or somewhere
If somebody walked on the bridge on the video screen, then, by ‘the power of the internet’,
the same movement was echoed on the bridge in Brighton
eek creak ghost phantom footsteps! very eerie!
A bit like the characters in michael bentines potty time ( a while ago)
walking on the bridge in brighton would be vice versa
There was no sound link, the idea was to communicate across nations through the ‘medium of dance’
I attempted a Michael Jackson moonwalk, spin and crotch grab… possibly over stretching myself

Still, that is the purpose of the global communications revolution, to Basil Fawlty, jumping up and down shaking a comic fist at an audience of mute bewildered yet distant Danes

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