yesterday one of those ‘not in service’ ghost buses whizzed past me as i was waiting at the stop.
This ones number was ‘666’ destination Devils Dyke. scooby dooby doo!

…in further developments i read somewhere that Sussex Women are ‘sposed to have longer legs than them in other parts of the country.
apparently it’s on account of them having to haul themselves out of the claggy quicksquelch mud out up on the downs

Whilst the big church in Steyning was founded by St Cuthelme, who was on his way from Devon to Canterbury, he was pushing his aged and ailing mother in a wheelbarrow!
when he got to Steyning, apparently he had a visionary dream, so next morning the Jimmy Nail lookalike declared ‘i’m reet shagged ma. let’s build a church here’. fact!

A good friend of mine also told me that the logo of an Apple for Apple computers is in fact an homage to Alan Turing, legendary boffin, famous for the ‘Turing test’ and cracking the Enigma code
In a sad tale, Turing was caught cottaging, persecuted by the authorities, who insisted he have Testosterone injections. barbaric
he probably committed suicide, it is believed he killed himself with a cyanide laced apple
tragic and oddly reminiscent of Snow White
apple pips themselves are said to contain miniscule traces of cyanide

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