molten metal, a drop of a lump of burnished orange
Flung suddenly into water. the seethe of its abrupt solidity, startled into personality
this flower, brittle yet strong, this ingot, unique in its vibrant contortion
and? as multidimensial souls are we thus thrust into this our world?
forged, tethered to the realm of perception
it is natural that we feel the vast sense of sorrow, of loss
but beyond, through our summoning, through this blossoming, majestic, the continual flow of beauty

there ya go, bit odd for facebook prob, written in a burst of insomnia last night, strange to be kept awake by the fret of words rather than all the other more obvious worldly worries
rather too many this and thus for my liking, the inspiration tho was an epsiode of horizon, frequently mind blowing, in which they were casually discussing extra dimensions which lie coiled up within the usual four, which i guess got me a spiritually pondering

oh and the other obvious inspiration metal! bones of the mountain, the earth, north, apparently all metal workers in ancient egypt were dwarves (dwarf? delve?) and this tradition continued with the greek god hesphaistous (however ya spell it!)
we take metal for granted today, but what must it have been like centuries ago, the allure of shine, in a world dowdy with dust
how hard won and hoarded each and every shard, alchemy
oh and the sound of metal, blacksmiths hammering, the continual brutal pound, the Ring Ringing throughout the land
else… once more the summoning, the call, the moist clamour of the peal from the tongue of the bell… indeed