Swim Swom Blue

finally made it for a swim down the baths today after a 6 month respite, as my shoulders were grumbling at being continually brawny and tense… the lovely woman on the turnstile was as chatty as ever… and only charged me senior citizen rate, ha, at least the 2 quid saved can go towards oh i dunno a vast vat of lugubrious anti wrinkle cream, else a douse, a 30 secs frolic in the flame of eternal youth. bit like in the movie She?? in the pool it was just me and a couple of grannys all a dawdle breast stroke. i powered past ‘eat my wake ethel’.. 100 lengths. hither then thither. a plod. the long sojourn of lengths. amazing how swimming gets your endorphins (dolphins) flowing. of course it would be perfect to allow thoughts to gently subside, to think nothing, to feel only the whale song softly pummeling from the depths, that which is always there? that which abides? …but nah i’m a sparkle splash about in the shallows fellow, a continual babble of thoughts sound rebounding about my space helmet… mostly i thought of the things i love about the world, in no particular order… my kids, hugging, yoga, dance, the himalayas, poems, trees, my family, snorkeling over a coral reef, jogging, purple, pink, green, orange, india, spain, prague, brighton, meditating, the feel of wood, the touch of a lover, grover washington jnr, washboards, the simpsons, singing, silk, cake bowls, football,spring, summer, autumn, chess, cheese, toboggans, smorgasboard (?), festivals, kahlua, aloha, fractals, dogs, whistling kettles, old uncle tom cobbledy and all! crikey! do i like pina coladas getting caught in the rain? dunno. just dunno

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