Noo Noo

yeouchhh aaagghh, fiddlesticks, dratt and double dratt, nay quadruple darnation!
blumming ‘eck dropped the hoover on my toe, enough to make it bleed,
i consider it a facebook related injury, as somewhat uncharitably, at the time i was thinking what twaddle and tripe people post on facebook (thats you ‘orrible lot!)
its always important to know precisely who to blame.. the teletubbies… ha. that’ll teach me …soothe oh mind of ego, spirit of judgement, enegy of anger
on a slightly more upbeat note drinking yerba mate tea. wow got quite a zing! a turbo power lunchtime walk… will have to get one of those gourd things gosh. look einstein with one! e=mc2 and other inspired gobbledygook

twaddle and tripe on here… hmmm i may be responsible for a bit of that myself

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