de quincey

as the bus bounced and jalloped down the hill into Rottingdene yesterday, i was smitten by happiness
engrossed in a fascinating essay on de quincey (seems to have taken me 2 weeks to still not finish the same article! nowadays i am dawdle slow in my perusal)
my headphones had been playing the somewhat cheesey finale to a bruce springsteen song, latherered in saxophone, when it unexpectedly segued into mardy bum
jolted from my pondering, i glanced up, to see the sparkle glance of sunlight on the sea, a wide vista beyond and out across the waves to the coiffured rain clouds on the horizon
nothing more… yet nothing less… a woman across the bus gang way half smiled… the complicity of a small something shared, human sympathy, this the mirror of connection?
happiness! nowt particular or specific, merely buoyed up by a raft, a concurrence, of both mood and circumstance
absence of profound epiphany… a mild bout of common or garden agape? gentle with it, do not grasp, nor try to tether… ja ja! subtle allowing of flow
later in singing, during the mantra, i was standing in the middle, at the sweet spot, coccooned in sound, caressed by voices… pondering that joy is sometimes just a matter of letting things fall away?
afterwards, a meander around town, festival frenzied, clearly all is not well with the world (or for that matter myself), yet stepping lightly, bumped into many many a lovely soul
… oh and then later got to dress up as a magic mushroom and push donkey kong over hill and dale, bedlam about hove lawns…hurrah!… a Marie and Rach extravaganza ha… as ever x
another slightly fey post where nothing quite fits, off kilter lurch, fun to follow the impulse of thought… and a gorgeous sunny morning!


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