Computer in a puddle

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‘Computer in a puddle, i know, i know, it’s serious’…. sung to the cheerfully maudlin’ tune of the smiths ‘girlfriend in a coma’
had a dismal computer tech calamity last week, left the window open in the loft overnight, a fearful, beautiful storm… the wind was howling and gn-gnashing its teeth in precisely the wrong direction
went to start work the next morning to find my computer languishing in a vast pool of water, puddle of tears… ‘waiter, waiter theres a fly in my soup whats it doing? … the backstroke i believe sir’
unglaublich computers can’t swim… and despite my lazily thinking… it will dry out in a day or so? it didn’t… so, i’ve been unable to code for yonks, no pay in july, it shall be a lean month
new kit now finally here… all day waiting for the delivery fellow yesterday, much drumming of fingers and peering forlornly out the window… and so begins the laborious chore of setting up all the various complex gubbins required
tis endless! currently installing adobe photoshop cs2… software released in 2005… moving with the times? proper old school!… gfx wise all i do is very simple image stuff
i’d like to smugly say that i backed everything up recently? nope, but there was a backup from about a year ago, so music and pics mostly good… my adolescent poetic musings shall endure. hurrah!

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gosh this is a dull post… is there anything i can learn from this… an approapriate moral homily to garland my turgid musings. nope!
tho on my bike ride i encountered the usual conumdrum, sped to the cliffs, thinking how wonderful the world was… turned around to find a wind pounding into my brow, where i had been thinking there was none! leg flail and churn
so rejoice my fellows when the times be good, or just cheerfully commonplace, that in itself is wonderful, don’t be oblivious to the benign circumstances that unbeknown to us, bear us up
world is extravagant and more beautiful than we can bear… listen to much bob marley… and praise the retro power of photoshop cs2!
… oh and i trod on a ferocious nail in the back yard… pliers to coax it from my foot… but thats another more gory tale
‘Computer in a puddle, i know…’

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