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edit… can seldom resist embellishing with words… just struck me how extraordinarily BLESSED we are to live on this stretch of coast.the beach 5 mins down the way, a quick spot of beach combing after a blustery learner driver practice around the car park… finn, not me!

love the sea in its wild froth chaos turmoil, but actually in so many of its beautifully varied capricious moods

seldom a day goes by without spending some time here, on the cliffs, up on the downs or out in the leaf strewn woods… such a profound, ancient and astonishing land

hawk above
man o war below


audio of text

eat a minor mountain of pistachios, bounce around room to early 80’s ska, ponder the polite drabness on view out the window, rumblefish chilli, soul softly surfaces through eyes
…a usual (and productive) work from home day

RP: But you have no ears!

What’s that? Can’t hear you?super sleek like a salamander, at least ya can see my eyes! We ain’t all blessed with immense auricular flanges?xx

AB: all the better to ignore you with…

Haven’t stopped sobbing! X