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ha! marvelous. a trifling forty seven amd a half, somewhat eventful, years on from ‘duck pond day’
think we can mostly attribute it to your extraordinary tolerance… will have a rummage for some old old snaps when next at mums… heres a fave from the 90’s xx

lovely to see you guys… and also wonderfully exciting to be up at the trees! pedalled up the hill next door on the epic bike ride, super steep.. gateway to the west, it’s the iconic trees on the hill opposite honiton little chef!… Melanie Basgallop Chicalo where you flung yourself off the wall

christmas swim

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reply to comments: ha! thanks guys, sea was blooming freezing, as you might expect… but not as frigid as march
saltdean was a good choice, at low tide gently sloping, even tho waves fairly rough
i followed my usual maxim… plough straight in, thrash about like a loon, then when you lose all sensation in hands and feet and other extremities, time to get out
all grand, but for a slight case of ice cream wobble head…. sets ya up marvelously for a day of festivities! xx


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dank. deep within winter woods, dun in raiment, a symphony in brown… nuanced, subtle… mildewed!
all is Russet, else spigot of lichen lurid green
mud, rot, cankour
yet stop, listen in the stillness, warble of the stream mingles with december bird song…
muffled, cosset the warmth in our hearts, there! somewhere behind, yet borne up… this ancient winter silence
yeah… quizzical oaks throwing shapes (quercus!) else ruddy soft spongebob red woods
turfed son out at gatwick early in the morning, so crumble and i had a pleasant amble down to the lake next to nymans
ha, always love a merry fugue, christmas bonhomie yule y’all x


oh… and in further technological befuddlement i’ve not seen many text messages from the last few weeksapparently all those sent as iMessages won’t have reached me, since now on android… i’ve only just realised you have to deregister for them

in fact i barely knew such things existed, i did wonder why some texts were blue and some green? i thought it was an aquatic style and beauty thing

it’s possible i’m not as unpopular as i imagine? send again pretty please x

only posted this one here as i like the pic!

creep squint

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sipping coffee with the taste of fresh chopped chilli on my lips
creep squint, crab wise, through the shadowy half light, not convinced by this morning lark?
the rich pong of frying leeks and garlic… it is often thus, organic veg, of various description, malingers in the bottom of the fridge… then at peculiar times of day or night… usher forth center stage, leek it is your time to shine! uncoil Ring tight nestled within Ring
Krishna Das blaring out, the euphoric dirge of a harmonium… perfect for winter… this urge to kindness, softness, whether acknowledged or not, cosseted within sweet nectar darkness
yes, like me, rummage through the ragbag internet for gong baths, and sundry yoga nidra!… rotation of consciousness, now the time for gentle spiral down
… and a pic (not mine) of jaisalmer jain fort, a profoundly peaceful and beautiful place

much yoga nidra here


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ebb – season to rue the loss, dwindle, world collapses to stasis
… but reet pretty if you can be bothered to go outside, dawns galore… it’s like theres one every day!
midst the gloaming, to stomp up the cliffs, jump in the puddles… water so still it shatters

was trying to capture the fairy purple feather on this one!
lining up the shot (in every sense) then nosser messi turns up!

RP: Norman Hunter’s looking well.


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‘it don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that zing’ guzzling juice and colour galore, in hopes of banishing cruel dismal winter!
two fingers up to you forlorn darkness. fructose buzzzzz … finally got a new phone, so back to taking a zillion selfies, gotta love the modern world xx

vitamins… you too can look this crazy


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triton rising above neptune… one of the many profound and beautiful images from voyager
currently over 13 billion miles from earth… vast and astonishing out there!
watched an iplayer doc on it last night, geek love, 40 years since launch! obviously i was a space mad nut as a teenager
curious the sense of time and distances
carl sagan, the schmaltzy genius of cosmos… brian cox is just a wannabe… had an influence on my world view, ha, as did the cheerfully dubious ‘chariot of the gods’

how far is far…

.. and how near is now… well soon actually, always misremember lyrics…

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oh and galileo knew that copernicus was right, when, squinting through his telescope, he observed moons orbiting jupiter… ‘mamma mia, it’s not always about us’… tho admittedly a rather a curious concept to try and get over on facebook

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ha! yeah the martian was woeful, how is it possible to make such a dull plod of a fascinating notion? yep a martian colony should be achievable
i’m excited by the possibility of alien life on the moons of the outer planets… if thats the case life would be ubiquitous throughout the universe
water, hydrocarbons, energy (presumably geothermal), time… voila! … or the wonderfully named panspermia, life forms on comets, the idea, apparently has been around long before fusty old fred hoyle even x