bay willow

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tree of the day… bay willow… i’ve been enjoying it’s beautiful hedgehog spike spiral sputnik spunk flower/catkins over the last few weeks
lots of willow around on the vast marshland near my home, but only finally worked out which type this was on my pedal back from tide mills… after an early evening sea bathe (delish!)
buckthorn has of course been the star of the show, it’s rich refulgent pong, five petaled florid venusian(!), but good to highlight a different member of the cast
my tree knowledge is reasonable… but much of it puzzled through as an adult… i was lucky to have a quasi rural childhood… woods and stuff… but back then my interests were butetrflies, birds, footie and, of course, dragons!

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oh and the slow drip drip hectoring of facebook does work… i picked up some other folks left over plastic off the beach!
always astonished that anybody would choose to leave rubbish on the beach? not that i’m in anyway virtuous, far too many wonderful long haul flights in my life
Rubbish should be tackled by a combination of individual, corporate and governmental responsibility… it’s amazing useful stuff, but less is best
till then best we all womble womble away
anyway a home for home made nettle pesto and congo natty on me headphones
hmm just rambling, haven’t spoken to anybody much all day… really i should be packing! sun hat AND thermal long johns! a winning combo! hurrah x

not congo natty, but there was a cover of this mighty song..

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