birthday 2018

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heartfelt thanks for all the birthday love beamed in my direction! all hugely appreciated, wonderful!!
tho like many folk i struggle a bit with birthdays… lawks knows, ha, i’ve had a few, so should be used to them by now
it’s not so much the gallumphing of age, on the whole it’s been a blessed and miraculous journey,
just the awkwardness of both needing to be the center of attention and simultanously embodying the epitomy of reluctance
so thanks! So what do you get for the self obsessed narcissist who has it all?
well if your joe, you do a painting of them as a surreal colourful probiscus/mandrill monkey, and hang it in the most ostentatious gold frame imaginable!!
truly the most preposterous pressie i have ever received, i feel like the supreme ruler, life long emperor of tajikistan! complete alan patridge super fan stalker gift. genius!

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Joe Rothko
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plus a few other birthday blessing images!


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belated solstice blessings one and all! xx… as as the earth births the sun, may all creatures languish in the tranquil realm of endless light
last few weeks tho have been all about the elderflowers! champagne, cordial, tincture… such a potent pong cluttering up the house, creamy white witch flowers of the crone…
and hopefully this years batch will taste slightly less like bin juice!

London – Brighton 1

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kings of da fooking mountain!
Finn and i did the London to Brighton yesterday (fathers day too!)
more snaps and a leisurely tale later, probs, but we both made it cycling up the beacon! euphoria… and a lovely eagles eyrie view up top
Finn youthful, upbeat and determined, and on a reasonable bike, skipped up
wheras i slipped into granny gear and grim ground it out… as often with me, an astonishing over achievement
i hadn’t intended to pedal up, but once you start, there is a certain reluctant stubborn-ness, ha!
mostly it’s that it come after 45 miles when your a smidgin weary from spinning wheels
to put it in perspective tho, the young lad we were chatting to, who took this snap, made it up on a 1970’s small wheeled Raleigh shopper, with no gears