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ladies and Gentlemen i give you: MARROW AND FELLAINI!
the lanky moroccan, good with his head, likes to make the onion bag bulge
sigh, i can now safely retire from the world of football based home grown comedy vegetable puns
these flourished in the garden, first of the courgettes… but turn yer back for a minute and they swell into marrows
as for the yellow ones? gawd knows what they are, i have many of diverse sizes
i saved the seeds from last years very green conventional courgette/marrows and these sprung up… deffo squashes of some sort? presumably edible
he shall be cooked into a suitable tagine, with lots of spices and chick peas!
tho do appreciate the venn diagram overlap of my friends who like football, growing veg and genius puns is probs pretty small
don’t worry hippies, more spiritual gubbins to follow soon! time to finally wash off the glitter and on with work x

and his most famous photo for comparisson

ant: I guess this proves that you courgette what you pay for.

festie face

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festie face! like some sepia wee and tea stained old master portrait, and an impressive chameleon blending with the wall
a couple of consecutive long long 5am nights dancing like a nutter at bimble down the road
managed to neglect to take a single snap whilst there, yet great thanks to all the bonkers folk and co-boogiers
you guys were beautiful!! even if i can barely summon any names? a suprisingly healthy buddhafield contingent!… glitter, glory and sweat galore
sadly didn’t make it back this arvo, storms and perpetual snoozing
did manage one good dawn time deed picking a gaggle of trashed 18 year old gatecrashers up off the entrance road and taking them home to piddinghoe, beneath the grogginess, they were lovely… ooh we’ve most certainly all been there

… and mostly unrelated, always loved this botticelli, glimpsed whilst posting


Rich P: It’s like you’ve photoshopped your face onto Finn!

ha! yeah, poor fellow… and sometimes Sherbailey looks the spit of pam… many days i see my dads looking out the mirror back at me, beautiful the way resemblance ricochets down the generations, always with a slight twist, i’ve got mums eyes, whilst Finns are a sea green x

Ant: you have eyes?

careful or i’ll write you a birthday poem… folk are always commenting on how soulful my beautiful orbs are… years of wrinkle squinting have not diminished either their wisdom or power… yeah yeah yeah x

lol: This lovely looks SO fun!

‘oh i do like to be beside the seaside’, we’re so blessed to live here, come over and play, kayak splosh fun! x

ocean nuzzle

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the lap and patter babble of ocean nuzzling against pebbles, sweet sea soothe…
like many folk i have got in the habit of an early morning dunk in the deep blue sea
today i also dawdled over my morning pages, headphones on, listening to sacred heart chakra gong noodling…
i was tempted by the absurdity of playing a sea music relaxation meditation, but wisely resisted!
the ever varied sound songs of the ocean, beautiful, ancient… ooh or mbe the hubbub of human voices around the fire beneath a starry night sky, delish
the harmonies of community in many different tones and registers…
indeed the first noises we would be aware of in the womb, human voices muffled by flesh and amniotic fluid, words shorn of meaning, communication bourne up through rhythmn and a bassier tone?
i think i read somewhere that humans can only develop and grow through the stimulus of the voice? possibly i’m making that up, what do i know, but it certainly feels true
aww back from the bubble of buddhafield bliss, an urge to write about that… but not today! i have already dilly then dallied quite enuff! x

Fran: I would definitely read an entire book of your words if you wrote one, Basgallop… Food for thought? 😘

aw thank you love, an entire book?! are you sure! imagine the shimmering convolution, the heroic brain mangling involved for all and sundry… mbe a brief pamphlet? else a motto embroidered on a kneckerchief? laters alligator! xx

paddle bagpuss

paddle bagpuss around the pier! snaps from out on the water yesterday, a sun and sea soaked adventure…. i was roped in as rodent power, creative kudos to may and marie for their hand stitched extravaganza! a few mad late nights of endeavour… homage to peter firmin the bloke what created bagpuss who died earlier this year… fun in da sun! adding one more characterful crease to my visage…