ocean nuzzle

audio of text

the lap and patter babble of ocean nuzzling against pebbles, sweet sea soothe…
like many folk i have got in the habit of an early morning dunk in the deep blue sea
today i also dawdled over my morning pages, headphones on, listening to sacred heart chakra gong noodling…
i was tempted by the absurdity of playing a sea music relaxation meditation, but wisely resisted!
the ever varied sound songs of the ocean, beautiful, ancient… ooh or mbe the hubbub of human voices around the fire beneath a starry night sky, delish
the harmonies of community in many different tones and registers…
indeed the first noises we would be aware of in the womb, human voices muffled by flesh and amniotic fluid, words shorn of meaning, communication bourne up through rhythmn and a bassier tone?
i think i read somewhere that humans can only develop and grow through the stimulus of the voice? possibly i’m making that up, what do i know, but it certainly feels true
aww back from the bubble of buddhafield bliss, an urge to write about that… but not today! i have already dilly then dallied quite enuff! x

Fran: I would definitely read an entire book of your words if you wrote one, Basgallop… Food for thought? 😘

aw thank you love, an entire book?! are you sure! imagine the shimmering convolution, the heroic brain mangling involved for all and sundry… mbe a brief pamphlet? else a motto embroidered on a kneckerchief? laters alligator! xx

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