watched Inception on netflix yestereve… excellent entertainment for a not going out january night had forgotten what a great film it is!

from its ‘man washes up on a beach’ opening, to the perfectly weighted ambivalence of the final shot… gripping

works well just as a straight action film… fight scenes as the world tumbles over!

possibly it’s fast pace sleight of hand conceals that its not quite as clever as it thinks it is (true of all of us too!)

but personally i love the mind and space bending psychological tricksiness… ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’

fairly noir in a Blade Runner kind of way, with many a nod to Citizen Kane – was watching a doco on Orson Wells but the night before

in retrospect, quite a cast too… had no idea Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Pete Postlethwaite were in it too

‘And why Not’ in my best Bazza Norman tones

oh and escher pics obvs


porridge with raspberries? yes? no? feel i have finally jumped the porridge shark
i know my McFarlane forbears would give me a drek look of despair… ‘ye cannae do that, porridge is for fixing the roads round here’
still they would have shrugged with approval of my choice of music… Dick Gaughan Porridge ftw
on the epic cycle it was essential ballast for a days pedalling, porridge the universal solvent, alkahest in alchemical terms…
best with banana and peanut butter, but literally bung in anything! tahini, seeds, honey, cinnamon…
my own preference would be for a yin yang bowl… savoury on one side, sweet to the other. yum
wrap up warm… icicles on the end of my conk on this mornings pedal

Wild Geese – Mary Oliver
You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.

ah ben i was thinking about you when out on my bike this morning, so sad your gone
somewhat of an abrupt change of mood, but life is all sorts of emotions rolled up together… public but nestled away in a comment
hold your loved ones close, it can be harsh out there
i know they’ll be a moment at the next festie, skanking away down the front, to turn and somewhere in the crowd, half imagine your face…earnest yet amused
i’ll light a candle… travel well x


‘then we would cook only porridge, of which i’ll share with youuuuu’
to end, a love song from his mighty bob-ness

Marie: aaahhhhhh a sexy ready break. I’m having oats and super bruised fruit. January gruel I’m comparison to yours :))

me: ah ready brek glow, always seemed somewhat radioactive! xx

laura: I have it with tahini and agave and blueberries and raspberries too! Every morning! Breakfast of champions 😎

me: tahini deffo, blueberries hugely acceptable, but tahini and blueberries? hmm vonnegut for your guts! x

tho so bewildering my mood today… the mere mention of blueberries has me maudlin along to lilac wine… probs teh jeff buckley rather than elkie brooks version, but can’t be sure with my tuneless-ness

Ross: Traditionally the Scots only had water, oats and salt in their porridge – for the simple reason that those were the only ingredients they had available. These days put what you like in your porridge I reckon. Am sure our ancestors would have done if they could

me: good point! i agree, but there is possibly a streak o’stern in calvinism? our ancestors tho would have guzzled avocados by the barrell load, of that i am sure
we do indeed live in a bubble, a realm of rare plenitude… worryingly, how long it will last i do not know.. xx

Ross: I’m actually quite partial to a bit of stern calvinism from time to time.. but yes maybe just don’t worry about it and we can enjoy the avocados and raspberries while they last 🙂

wot emperor nero would scoff for breakfast… weirdly delish (i think?) seldom eat avos in this country on ethical grounds… but this one looked like it was going off… yeah yeah

seldom suggest anything imagining it to be absurd, all that does is plant the seed of possibility x


audio of text

Tax Return Day… hopefully, if i don’t get distracted… under the cudgel of winter… these the porridge days… first task is to juice up a storm and chuck a Rainbow down my gullet
yum! first appearance of the year for nettles and cleavers in the mash up. such the vibrancy of colours, feel as tho i have pulverised all the chakras of a small flock of birds of paradise!
oh and on my bike ride, down on the beach i saw 2 jackdaws with white feathers in their wings… i digress … another selfie, and a traditional annual post, yup
yoga and meditation… cumbia, or possibly gregorian chanting on the headphones…. i’m so ready… a blizzard of old illegible receipts and a daunting wall of perplexing legalese
see ya on the other side

comment from lou:

I did mine yesterday

What should probably take 2 hours took 10.. intermingled with essential tea breaks, meandering, staring into space, a little snooze, more tea, 4 meals etc etcI called on lion for courage to get through..

Got there.. with renewed intentions to get someone else to do it next year 🤣


superstar! aw well done, tho how you managed on only 4 meals is astonishing, you must have been famished….

i have yet to start, thought i’d fix one small teensy bug in project code, which has dragged me to the brink of existential despair

who wrote this Rubbish! oh me!… anyway i’ve announced i’m doing it, so mote it be… i call upon the power of the duck billed platypus!

for ermmm it’s cuss awkward unlikely success… they’re taking over the world doncha know.. back to it… or getting ready to do it, almost the same thing xxx

Caroline Lucas

audio of text

Caroline Lucas… Heroic.. Superb MP!… Tho sadly not my constituency…
Sure she’s had an impressively formidable week up in London… But still manages to turn up to a small demo in town, brief speech not just on brexit but emphasising the need for a change in economic system…
She was a bit late, probs had to pop by extinction rebellion march too ( tho I dunno)…
Most community events she’s there, lost count of number of times I’ve seen her in street…
A perfect representative of many of the things I love about Brighton town…
Me I was just out from singing… Tho that’s important too, ha! X …
oh and I framed with hug mural behind Art innit!


audio of text

Still Life (still alive!) with Overripe Persimmon, Potato and Poetry, these have all had a part in my, actually quite cheerful, morning so far
eccentricity is often but the allowing of the untethered?
Oh January, such ungainly insomnia… awakening, once more, at absurd O’Clock, I lie overlong in a tepid bath
so to soothe smooth something of those unruly thoughts… at first crepuscular dusk, then a light which summons itself with a can’t be arsed shrug
announcement of drear grey to us the still breathing

i like the lurk of larkin shadows in the pic!

Oompa Loompa

audio of text

embrace your inner Ooompa Loompa! lets face it, in my case i’m the only one likely too
here i am modelling my new orange tinged glasses… this’ll sock it to my deep rooted insomnia!
… in truth no idea if it’ll help, got them for a few meager pounds on the internet and this my fashion exuberance on unwrapping
according to some horizon doc, tis the blue light late at night that over stimulates… melatonin inhibitor?
i’ve already set my screens to night time mode… a pleasant Ready Brek golden glow… if so afflicted you should try too
love the idea of wearing sun glasses around the living room … late at night, doing keepy uppies… pretending i’m that kool dutch footbsaller from the 90’s… Clarence Seedorf? Patrick Kluivert? glaucoma i think
anyway glasses make me seem more intellectual?
here i be sitting at computer coding up a storm, looking out the window at what may appear a drab January day, but i see Tangerine skies and Cherubim peeking from beneath the cumulonimbus…. cheap thrills!

just noticed me with Turmeric stained fingers, a pumpkin on my head to protect the crown chakra? begon tepid winter!

it was clarence seedorf!

Kurious Oranj!! … possibly the only Fall song i really like

comment from Roisin:
been there, done that and got the t-shirt! how do the glasses work? 🙂

sweeeeet, tho if an oompa loompa is towering above you, then glad to see you’ve subsequently indulged in a prodigious growth spurt
glasses supposedly work due to an amazing invention known as Science!… broadly modern life has scuppered our circadian rhythms, blue light naturally only occurs at midday (originally i mistyped bat-urally which also seems appropriate!)
but our techno devices pump it out sommat chronic… so we’re perpetually over stimulated… block the blue light and melatonin (hormone of dreams n’darkness) goes about its business.. ZZZzzzzzz, snore galore
going out raving all night probs don’t help either m’dear, but hey, fun!! xx

oh and if you eat carrots gluttonously you go ooompa loompa orange! we tested this out on a nephew (would not recommend for ones own kids), he went bright orange!!… deffo try this at home…
tho being only a baby he couldn’t corroborate whether he could see in the dark xx


audio of text

pucker up! happy 2019!

the year for all of us to snog more dragons
i wish for you, the same as i wish for myself, a year and a yield of more and deeper connections… both with each other, and with the land on which we are blessed to dwell
we are woven together and it is this that grants us our strength… is that a permaculture principle? dunno… now entering hippy warp drive
mirror neurons, we profoundly feel and experience that which others around us feel… this the privilege of primates
profoundly social animals, we are nothing, in fact we do not even truly exist, on our own… it has always been the story of us! lets make it a good one
have courage… literally coeur the way of the heart
ha, the irony, not lost on me, that the man spouting most voluminously about connection required to take another selfie as home alone with myrtle the dragon
… then chooses to flourish it on a platform, which is ersatz connection, realm of pout then preen of ego
yep yep quagmire, doldrums, exhaustion the words most frequently on my lips at this the fag end of the year
but but but… i mean what i say! … i had to get my bum wet sitting on the floor to take a snap, proof!
and yes, always try to say it with charm… charm and a dollop of imagination
of course, do more yoga, eat lots of chocolate

yet, so far as possible….
dwell in anahata, the heart space mind… wishing us all… love x

lots of happy new year wishes!

thanks guys, honey HNY right back at ya!
managed another brief sea swim at end of cycle, a lovely day out there… and a dip a fine way to change whatevers lurking in your head
aw and can’t resist playing old songs from my generation, mama club praha 92, for me
the song, obvious but: a somewhat feisty youthful scottish band, extraordinary producer, copious loved up stimulants. kapow!…. like any idealism doomed to crash and burn, but such a way to go
come together as one

Rosie: Happy New Year Lovely🌈❤️🌱

fanx… hope the cornish/devon atlantic remains wild, wooly and rugged! xx