Macklemore the Sycamore

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R.I.P Rest In Pieces. Macklemore the Sycamore
I killed a tree this morning, not said with bravado and aplomb… and despite the obvious comedy (it’s Facebook)… a fair amount of remorse and guilt
broadly it’s a small backyard, he would have grown far far too large, wrong tree/wrong place
if i’d left it a few more weeks, the leaves would have come out and it would have been impossible
I should imagine the time to chop a tree is autumn when the sap is falling? spring is a terrible season, but at least if you squint you can pretend its still a half dead stick stuck in the ground
as penance i hand sawed him into small chunks, will season for a year or so then find a suitable wood burner. anyone need some lumber for a viking ship burial?
Should imagine the stump will grow back, but, sigh, will deal with that then
I had a good ponder before i began and gave him a fare thee well hug
Not wishing to be too sentimental, I appreciate that my mere existence on the planet in this society will have decimated i don’t know…
a small copse? an area of the Amazonian Rain Forest one thousandth of the size of Wales? (one Wales is the standard unit of measurement for amazonia, plus its St Davids day!)
in younger days i also personally hacked many a wilderness in my folks garden
but the point is, Macklemores decimation was all so unnecessary! as a good mawkish victorian moralist, i know the time to chop him was the first year
uprooting a teensy sapling is nothing, chopping down a 5 or 6 year old tree, a much harsher deal
but of course the first few years i took the Romantic Poetic approach, ‘look how can a tree grow there?’
the next couple of seasons it was sloth, depression and busy-ness… and the last 2 years its been ‘oh no i have to kill a tree’
basically, framed as a bellocian cautionary tale deal with your stuff before it gets too big… otherwise ‘James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree’
oh not him you know the the one who wandered into a lion cage and died from eating bits of string??
Carpe Diem… I can never remember does that mean ‘sieze the nettle’ or ‘snog a trout’?
both. do it. now

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