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these the days of murk, thin winter gruel, the dwindling of light… mould, rot, cankour, muck … tho gotta love the rich loamy fungal reek of the woods sunk beneath autumn!
the strident clarion of the morning alarm… summons only reluctance… why should I? much rather nestle down midst the palaver of duvet… world please bugger orf!
heres me, up at mums, indulging the forlorn, in most best-est Romantic poet clobber, a jaunt down to the river mole… tho this autumn has been somewhat bereft, short on glorious sunshine, leaf scuffle days
and yet, as always, what nary ever the season, fun to be glugged… yesterday i made it for singing, haven’t been in yonks, the usual exuberant shimmy and sway… coffee, vegan cake, friends, then ended up raving early, 7pm in the room up atop marwoods. boogie preposterous! fab! xx