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bad back… order new mattress… lumbago twinge lugging upstairs… ah the spiral cycles of life gyre
where are off spring when you need to lug a pocket sprung mattress? eh! some excuse about being off at uni… kids!
nothing more ROCK than a new orthopedic sleep thang!
anyway its amazing… they come vacuum packed! i had no idea… rolled up its about one billionth of its eventual size (slight exaggeration)
then it literally bursts into being… i can see where they got the idea for the big bang creation of the universe now
The literature promises ‘its more breathable than clouds’… yes cloud breath!?
right sunshine! what be that? best be out in it
ooh is the the ‘Rock Horns’ like the V-sign and mean something totally different the other way around? fluffy kitten cuddles or somesuch?

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audio of text

‘in life, although we can’t have the life we expect, we can add a color to our life, perhaps a comfortable mattress, a fun pillow, a creative home decoration. Both can enrich our lives, and all this is in our own hands.’
inspiring! snoozy osbourne?

the great boing into being

lawks, yes, i do find my own posts somewhat annoying! partly i think that its just this facebook contraption is wearying… tho there is a fizz and a zing to be found in words. enthralling

so far as backs go, more yoga! have tended to neglect it whilst sitting and staring forlornly at computer for work… necessary… but some balance in all things

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