peach purple banana smile

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peach purple banana smile… colours and flavours of autumn
Rose Quartz… i was in one of the crystal shops in the North Laine earlier (one feather? two feather? red feather? blue feather?… as the goodly zeus would ave it!)
gawp idle, thrumming in front of a phalanx of Rose Quartz crystals… a friendly assistant (something mayan? arabic?), the waft of palo santo, came over to help
i just said, oh i dunno, ‘heart chakra’, she went ‘aww’, so we both stood there for a minute… crystal bathing, a good natured communion
ha! should imagine they get folk like me in there every day, never going to buy anything, but cheerfully enraptured
made me remember days loafing around the british museum… loitering in the room of the aztec crystal skulls…
periodically some freak would meander in, occasionally wearing a skull t-shirt, and just, well, oscillate with reverence!… kindred!
tho never having bothered to articulate the notion (too obvious!), but, like most people, i know there is spirit in everything
this shining vibrancy, coalesces most strongly around certain places, people or things… usually sacred places… the sri meenakash in madurai, buddhas eye at the great stupa of bodhinath
in this country its mostly nature… an ancient yew, the sea at sunset, turquoise tangerine, a medieval church in the woods… this sacred land
best to cheerfully acknowledge it wherever we can… a crystal shop in the laines… on facebook? ha, possibly not! x
ooh now i’m thinking of the mothers sacred colour in auroville, that was some hue of peach?… pantone panndemonium!

equinox blesssings

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equinox blessings… autumn is upon us. new season, new hair do, same old me
where the day is equal to the night, yes, and the same wherever you are in the whole world!
the universal kindred equality for us all really struck me… pompous is important, and well meant
a moment of equipoise, of noticing, whilst the tide of light recedes at hurtling pace
in meditation this morning the yak distraction of thoughts, tumultuoustumultous
so, for a change, i just sat with the subtle, glow gold warmth of the heart
lots of time down by the sea… go gentle x


word splurge!… i usually imagine i know what i wish to say, but such the clamor and jostle of thoughts that it ends up suprisingly other
but hey, just the ludicrous imperative of self expression!… for me it’s words, dancing (ha! tho seldom words and dancing together, what’d that contrariness be like?!)…
ever envious of the ease of musicians
whats your fave way of creating? xx


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holy grail… blackberries, strawb and chilli plant
such a weird soggy british summer, damp squib, with wondrous bits!… everything a few weeks late… impossible to know whether it’s too early for blackberries or too late? schrodinger blackberries!
huge swathes of Red ‘uns, mingled in with others coated in the grey, Rabbit fur fungus of disappointment
enough for crumble… and a few for freezing for smoothies into the autumn… lovely
…. but a brief update from yesterdays evening word burble, the actual harvest

oh! and early 90’s yha card… complete with passport snaps, havel on the back of a matchbox and a clutch of Paris metro tickets


lambent evening light… seaford head, the distant cliff, but a lazy peach smudge, daub thumbed across the horizon
the sea, a softness, ease in and out of being
through the stillness, from the dizzy far below, sound rises like wood smoke
trudge crunch as a man makes his way home across the pebble shingle
splatter scamper of the mackerel, tails fork tongue flicker across the water…. these sea speakings
Blackberries and Hawthorn Hips, knotted Red and Black… fluffed, the firework fiesta of Old Mans beard
hollow sonorous knell of a wood pigeon
look! my head! lumpen huge as some easter island moai
Hoa Hakananai’a… stolen away to languish, across the sea, snug smuggled within the British Museum
home now… lacking much (anything!) to say… greatly liking words, enjoying the fruitful unimportance of it all…i consult the motto on my Rose Geranium Yogi tea bag:
‘let us be kind and compassionate to remove the sadness of the world’

wasp spider

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Wolf Spider with Rose Bay Willow Herb, Thistledown and ermm i want to say Tansy, but its probably just some type of cheerfully deluded Ragwort
bleaggh i mean Wasp Spider… have Wolves on the brain at the mo!
i thought wow, that must be a wasp spider, without even knowing such a thing existed, google agrees… such marvelous gold hoops, even along its legs
beautiful the subtle interactions of nature… the web all soft eiderdown with the wind blown thistle fluff… lost its sticky!… no self respecting fly is going to fall for that!…
they’ve got myriad amazement fractal eyes… tho possibly a slightly squiffy one might think of it as a suitable place for a lie down?
kind of feel for the spider, all that miraculous effort, ruined!
it’s a bit like when you hang the washing out… and immediately boot a muddy football splodge against it… futile fussball chore!
beautiful this morning up Castle Hill… i managed to cycle and then hop up the last bit, foot on the mend, but not not skippable about on yet x

Al: I thought at first this was a poem by you.. Great pictures

ha, sorry to disappoint!tho all words yearn to poetry, just a matter of jumbling them up in a beautiful ordersomething like ‘myriad amazement fractal eyes’ is clearly a thespian type, fallen on hard times, embarrassed to voice over a dog food commercial purely for the dosh x


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tootsies… i’ve hurt my foot… nowt serious, i hope! just some niggardly bruising, probably won’t be skipping the light fandango for a couple of days
was out jogging up the cliffs yesterday morning, you know how it is, plod pant, grumble and wheeze up the steepest section
then, when a-top, time to exult in the view, out and away across the majestic ocean… except don’t… best to keep staring at the lumpen earth …
clodhopper down a rabbit hole … presumably the one folk keep talking about nowadays?
was pretty much as far away as you can get, so had to hobble, painful quick step home in time for work
odd how i can spend 4 days at a festie leaping about like a loon with an absence of mishap… but 5 minutes from front door, caramba!
reflect on what a spectacular joyous miracle our bodies are! only really acknowledged when they sporadically malfunction
you may well perceive me as a slightly balding, impressively wrinkled fellow, marooned somewhere in middle age?
yet actually a teeming throng of cells, bacteria and fungii, a harmony of the highest kit kaboodle! honed by several billenia of evolution
we are amazement in motion. tis awesome brilliant to be alive!
…. anyway watched princess mononoke (writing it is easier than pronouncing), what a fabulous film! suspect rest, telly and biscuits is wisest