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hewn…. taciturn… part chunky Knitware, part Rock… all troll
post lunchtime swim, i’ve recently succumbed to the ubiquitous cold, that snot phelgm lurgy, so haven’t been in for a few weeks…
the water remains disappointingly balmy… but crikey, flayed by the wind afterwards
autumnal exhaustion everywhere, so its been a blessing just to be able to loaf about
entertained by my bleak, elemental, pudge eyed gruff-ness… see, i don’t only play the Romantic Hero

Rhona: Guapo!

ha! indeed, could, possibly, only be more guapo with an icicle hanging from the end of my nose xx

Megan: The hat really looks like a strawberry 🍓!


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toes!… what are they actually good for!?
counting stuff when we run out of fingers
turning the bath taps on, adding warmth, when too lazy to stir from our wallow slumbers
oh they are just so blooming far away!…. i in my lofty eyrie… but hey, thats just the megalomania of head thunk
close the eyes, shut those peepers, allow consciousness to sediment settle
move one toe at a time, feel the involuntary flinch, a spasm elsewhere in the body… else the grip and relentless puppeteering of the jaw
feet are so connected
ode to toes, odour of toes!
what i really like about them is the reminder that once we were different, that upended we clung to branches, cheerful reversal
that we peeled fruit, picked nits and our noses with them… the monkey that forgot to dangle
yes, a reminder that we were different, but also that we need not, indeed will not, always be the same… toes, time and tide keep turning
reflexology… i haven’t received any in years! the hands off of covid
a golden age, when i could guarantee that at least one friend a year was training in either massage or reflexology… miss dat
wriggle them toes. riddle them toes.
clay, the squidge between, on the self build an earthship course
… more incoherent muttering…
this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home, this little piggy had veggie sausages….

feet wings! a little bit odlaw, a lot Roald Dali! x

fuel shortage

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‘Sainsbury Newhaven have both fuels, no queues. Closes 6am’…. in keeping with the mildly apocalyptic flavour of the zeitgeist, odd when you find yourself getting out of the house, absurd early, on the basis of some random message off the internet… worked tho
i’m fortunate in that i seldom ‘need’ to drive anywhere, but now have enough to comfortably trundle up to see mum and back today…
yesterday was the first proper brutal winter storm of the season, wind batter and howl… i didn’t go outside, my achievements can briefly be listed as: smudged the entire house with palo santo… watched squid games
Friday tho i was up in stanmer park, helping out on the ‘self build an earthship’, fab!
took this snap earler, thinking the greasy morning light made it ‘gannet in an oil slick’-esque
but the river was calm, a few birds were tweeting in the trees
comparative affluence is a buffer… climate catastrophe looming… a not very helpful, slightly befuddled post!