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bask in this, the bliss of your perpetual, preposterous blossoming
‘YOU, you are beautiful’ this the whispered rhapsody of the May
of course the mind will quibble, it’s usual, mostly useless, toothless worrying
consider this, from the first split of an amoeba, an unbroken line flowing to, and then, through you onwards! a billenia of success and flourishing
the human line, the babe so helpless, so vulnerable, survival is through being cosseted, cocooned… nurtured
true for our mothers, fathers, endless ancestors, this domino topple down the generations
we are the CRESCENDO, the culmination of love
Incantation… how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin? who cares… but I know for certain that you are one of them.
yo! pirhouette in your beauty
says a man, with a medallion, in a grey polyester 70’s trackie top, branded with the logo of a company i once worked for, on a hill, above Kingston near Lewes

audio of text

ah, the body blossoming, one of my more palatable ‘visions’ from an attempted vipassana (i left in a euphoric froth of madness on day 7 or possibly 8 )
a teaching on ephemera, every iota, all material phenomena are perpetually arising and then falling from being
transfixed, a winters twilight afternoon, lost on a bench in the woods and saw, then felt, that it was so
the body, endless, ecstatic Rose pink flowers
bask in this, the bliss of your perpetual, preposterous blossoming


Abi: I was just pondering the rhapsody of May and of course you have worded it so beautifully

thanks love, ever entranced by the miracle of being outside at this time of year, impossible, for me at least, not to try and summon some sense of it in words
tho not saying i always get it right… hope you enjoyed your own poem, and that all goes swimmingly! hug xx