baby snail

audio of text

aww a baby snail curled up and asleep in a courgette flower! cute
…. that or she’s punch drunk sozzled into unconsciousness having gorged herself on the nectar… the blighters have utterly decimated almost everything i’ve planted…. runner beans are has-beens
of all the courgette plants this is the ‘last man standing’… a pyrrhic victory… snails have been so bent on devouring the others this plant has mostly survived… one fruit looks like it will make it to harvest. yay
courgette flowers are super on salads… tho might give this one a miss… plenty of vitamins in snail slime?
toms are looking good tho
the devastation is the same every year. you’d think i’d learn. try something different? apparently not!
i don’t mind. spiral shells… mystic beauty
evicted to the patch of great willow herb down the far end of the yard
anyway stuff to do! x

Megan: If you plant lots of garlic, onions, leeks, etc. around the plants they like it keeps them away (to some degree).

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