Biggles Om

Biggles Om
this one really depends on the speed of your connection! faster the connection, the quicker the map data will load!
quick recap of controls: Move the mouse over the map, our man will fly towards the mouse pointer, the further away, the faster he flies!
Use the ‘A’ to spiral up, ‘Z’ to spiral down, ‘Enter/Return’ launches an om
the best technique is to zoom down, activate a chakra with an om, then spiral back upwards to find the next chakra
when you activate a chakra, it goes all gooey and psychedelic, oh and your wafted up a fair way (to make finding the next chakra easier!
nb this site has zilch genuine spiritual content whatsoever!
Oh and while your reading this the maps are attempting to preload in the background, so the longer you dawdle, reading this, hopefully, the smoother the flying
Google maps api! it’s really amazing. So many brilliant things you can use it for, treasure hunt sites, ghost walks, stuff using the funky geo location (i need to get an android phone before i can play with those), a zillion ideas but first but first, well of course i just wanted to fly around brighton, nose dive into the ocean, shave the chimney pots on my lovely old house! i find it marvelously liberating!
Those magnificent men in their flying machines
prog geek notes, if your interested!
the site can be a bit (well a lot) clunky, due to the strain of loading the maps in, and doing all the overlays. Originally i wrote it in javascript, as i wanted to use it to showcase my javascript skills (everyone was telling me flash is dead!), this version worked perfectly in chrome (browser), it also performed pretty well in firefox, the problem was that IE was just dreadful, i had no idea that there was such a difference in the performance quality of the respective browsers! IE Good Grief! theres prob a link to the original javascript version on this site somewhere (oh here)
anyway, i had to rewrite all the code into actionscript and fly through flash, this was fine, hugely laborious.. and i kinda lost interest, the other main problem being that, from what i can see the Google maps Flash api is quite different in implementation to the javascript version (i prefer the js version) for example you can make pretty circle overlaps in js not in Flash
oh and, infuriatingly, none of the 3 browsers display the flash file at the size i’ve told them too!!! i think thats something to do with drupal
anyway thanks for reading this far, i’m off to write my first facebook ap. he he! got a good idea, then i’ll be back to do some proper map type sites
oh and a prize for anyone who can tells me what happens when you activate all 7 of the chakras
om chocks away! x

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