Succumbed to Custard

My most recent Facebook App, thanks to Carl for the custard monster and Flaps for the rest of the graphics chores.
“Your friends have been swallowed by grotSnot Monsters, save them with the power of loveHeart kisses… beware Bwoooaarrghh fiend of custard!”
A flash actionscript game, the twist being that your friends profile pictures are dynamically loaded to be characters within the game.
Code used for this: php, integration with the facebook api, html, javascript, but primarily object oriented actionscript 3.0.
The main technical problem for me on this project was testing the facebook code with various browsers, the facebook platform is not as robust as i would expect!

If you are not a member of facebook, or would rather a quick demonstration version, the functionality (with a random smattering of my facebook friends) is available here.

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