death by tinsel

gaudy texan canuck!
who are you getting to turn on the christmas lights this year. Robbie or Cliff?

oh and from a year ago, but still…

What’s the best part to have in the Christmas Nativity play?
Joseph bloke is a mute stuffed shirt. Whilst them three kings, with their hi falutin’ Harvey Knicks pressies, rather full of themselves, doncha think?
Balthazaar, Melchior and the other one nobody ever even remembers his name?

Nope the Camel is deffo the star of the show. that was always me.
I was the best camel ever. my mum said so.
The secret of being a great camel, rather than a llama also ran, is the walk
Not for nothing are they called the ship of the desert
You have to practise a dipping mooch

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