Read any good books

anybody read any good books recently?
would be great to have some suggestions

last week, i read ‘a winter book’, the selected short stories of Tove Jannsen, you know the kooky old Finnish/Swedish woman who wrote the Moomintrolls, ‘cept stories for grown ups
first time i read the book i thought it was slight, but now on the second time through it’s quite beguiling!
kind of happy and peculiar, with lots of fear and the sea

I think it’s partly a Finnish thing as my friend Rikka was just lovely, but some days she’s get a spooked out faraway look and it really would be best to just leave her alone

Tove lived on an island in the bay of Finland, her other tale ‘The Summer Book’, is set on the island, and is just about a small girl and her grandma and their adventures. lurvely

actually prob best just to read ‘Finn Family Moomintroll’ again!

Tom McCarthy – Remainder
Ever heard of him Richard?
ha. the shame! not being able to finish my mates book.
nearly made it to the end but stumbled at the final hurdle
It’s really good, but he does go on a bit

I shall think up some Tom in Prague tales for you

once, in a hammock, i read about 1000 pages of Keseys ‘sometimes a great notion’ only to find that the last 5 pages were ripped out! cruel
i still wonder what happened.
still thinking about the hammock, on the same day, i found a cockroach in my stash of ganja cookies.
he looked a bit like a dried apricot or a date and was happily wriggling his legs
I set him free
then to compensate i drank too much mekong whiskey and must have gone for a dip…. with my passport…. as it was completely soaked the following morning

some days

who remembers when wangchuk got a salad box from food for friends?
he opened it up and went ‘ugggghhh a slug’, he dashed back to the restaurant to complain
the owner plucked the offending ‘slug’ out and ate it
‘aah dried apricot’

….talking of dried fruit, that is

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