Hmmm. well working at Epic isn’t too bad, though I do so enjoy the grumbling!
I’d be curious to here what other people did before they came here?
Any Zoo Keepers out there? Astronauts? Professional Flower Arrangers? Tell all

…………. I’ve had a few strange jobs but such a dank and dismal day, just distant day dreamy……

Once I was doing some labouring work on a house back in the village where I grew up. Just me, so quite fun.

Mostly it was pulling down the old lathe and plaster ceilings.
I’d put King Sunny Ade on the tape player, then would whoop and bash along to the rhythm.
Huge plumes of dust, splinter sticks and muck. hurrah!

In one bedroom i found the remains of a mummified bird, the poor thing had obviously got in down the chimney, but been unable to escape. I felt it was sorta like the free flying spirit of the house, much as with Medieval Cathedrals, where they’d often find a preserved mummified cat between the walls or ‘neath the foundations.

Both my sisters were home at that time, so some days they’d pop by with sarnies for lunch. We’d go and sit by the duck pond where, summers gone, we used to catch sticklebacks with our fishing nets.
Over the previous 20 years the weeping willow trees had grown, but then so had we, so we were all still in the proper, appropriate scale and proportions.

Back in the house, peeling up the lino on the floor, I found that before laying it, they had spread newspapers around on the ground.
I gathered them up and set them in order, they were all from 1948!
The year Orwell wrote 1984 (he transposed the last 2 digits).
The news was all of Palestine and the declaration of teh state of Israel… and Stanley Matthews.
Come Tea break, I’d sit in a battered old deckchair, in this near bombed out, devastated shell of a house, cup of tea to one side and read the old, old news of yester year.


one summer i worked in a boardwalk town in maryland on the east coast of the states
i rented out deck chairs, umbrellas and boogie boards.
Thankfully mine was the most distant, peaceful stand on the entire coast.
mostly i’d snooze in the shade or read a book wearing this lovely pink starshell hawaiian smock poncho thing
also i learnt to juggle, partly because all the women seemed only to notice the hunky, baywatch lifeguards. can’t say i blame ’em

all evening I bussed tables in a restaurant, hurly burly of crockery and dirty dishes.
…Then we’d go out partying

Some days i’d skip the going home and straight to the beach stand in the morning
best bit tho’ was when the the waves were grandiose, i’d shut up shop and frolic in the surf, riding the breakers in with my boogie board, Geronimo!!

At the end of the summer i had a big pile of cash and caught a greyhound bus… to Guatemala

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