who loves ya baby!

valentines day

from an old email, no harm in a cheery dose of valentines schmaltz!
… oh, first time i wrote a version of this tale, it was in very bad czech, for my friend Dita,
whilst out drinking, we’d communicate solely by drawing cartoons on beer mats
luckily, a lot of beer mats in prague

once when i was on the escalator, there was this oldish czech couple above me,
they were huge huddle bundled up in coats
he, with a red drinkers nose, protection ‘gainst the winter cold, she pale faced and chubby.
Suddenly he went down on one knee and started serenading her
a dreadful croak of a voice, but capable of holding a tune
she was delighted, laughed and laughed, her jowls jelly wobbling with glee.
this, in turn, set him off, hoot cackles bound resounding to the roof
they loved each other
the escalator hurtled down, down onwards towards the end
there a coke can, clank clatter, spieled and tumbriled in the gutter,
weir trapped at the base of the escalator…

i do like my shrek like happy grotesques, valentines is great
the good thing about life is every person loves someone!

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