hippy books for new parents

Elly and Jen are off soon
I was trying to think of books to recommend to them

all i can think of is ‘the continuum concept’ , by Jean Liedloff? or somebody
i’ve only read a couple of chapters of it, but it was very interesting, more anthropology than child rearing, how children are loved in amazon tribes, it had a great sense of wonder, basically it reckoned, babies should be carried everywhere and integrated into the natural rhythms of life, light and day, warmth and cold

I never read ‘spiritual midwifery’ by ina may gaskin, but it had some brilliant hilarious pictures of beardie hippy hill billies, all the women dressed like little house on the prairie

anyone any other suggestions?

first babes are a lovely miracle, but an obvious shell shock, what with the demise of the extended family and everybody only have friends about their own age, nobody has much a clue about babies nowadays
when we had Finn, i don’t think we even knew which way up to hold him, the gorgeous mewling scrap.
SibĂ©al was much easier, i employed the male survival tactic of accidentally sleeping through every and anything….


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