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i have neglected to have my tuppeny haporth worth of opinion!

hmmm if he’s after an sas style macho ‘eagle eyes, fuzzy felt hair’ action man book i’d recommend ‘Into Thin Air’, by John Krakatoa.
it’s a real life story, by a bloke who was on the expedition, of people dying on Everest

Theres some poor project leader fellow, trapped just below the summit, on the radio, he gets patched through by the internet to have a last conversation with his wife
…gives me the goose bump heebee geebies
a story of hubris really, doesn’t matter how good a climber you are, if the mountain is going to get you, it will.

this year tho’, i’ve been having a spate of reading books by Neil Jordan and recommending them to everybody!
‘Shade’ and ‘Sunrise with Seamonster’
he’s the irish film director who did ‘the company of wolves’ and ‘the crying game’
admittedly his characterisation is a bit patchy and plotwise the wheels come off the waggon, but i think he’s brilliant.
lyrical, written with great personal warmth and an exuberance of language, incredibly poetic
and he’s writing about places in Ireland i know quite well


…… lauras uncles book sounds good too!
spare a thought for my scriptwriter brother, who lives in Salt Dean, he’s currently doing a Scott of the Antartic adaption, apparently Scotts last letters are ‘not inspiring’ at all, very little self awareness
Scott spends most of the time blaming people ‘we would have made it if we could have left the sick behind’.
The derr-brain doesn’t seem to consider that it was his fault they didn’t take any huskies! barking

My brov reckons they pretty much forced Captain Oates out into the snow ‘i’m going outside now, i may be sometime’.
The only other thing known of note about Oates is that before he left for antartica, he made a woman pregnant, she was 12… those Victorians, mind boggling.

Anyway my brother finds it tricky writing about Antartica in this heatwave.
I’ve suggested he sit in the bath surrounded by ice cubes, slurping a blueberry slush puppy, from there he can glimpse the white cliffs, if you squint they look like Iceberg glaciers!
and my nephew johnny is only 2, so he waddles about in convincing penguin fashion!

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