do you know the very narrow lane, twitten, twixt the black lion and the cricketers?
apparently back in Stuart times when Charles was making his escape to France,
he was getting a piggy back along there, he didn’t wish to get muck on his winkle pickers, doublet and hose.
He met a rather portly Fish wife coming the other way, she was rather flustered and too wide to reverse, so they had to bowl her over and step over her as she lay on the ground.
With Royal manners like that, little wonder they chopped his dads ‘ead orf!

oh and later there was a famous race, where a tubby fella bet he could bet a renowned athlete he could beat him in a race, so long as he had a 10 yard headstart and could choose the course.
they raced along that alley and the athlete couldn’t get past him! genius

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