What was your first gig?

…mine was 78/79 Rose Royce at the Cornwall Colliseum in St Austel
my sisters very kindly took me
a Disco Funk, slushy ballards band. They were just fantastic.
we sang along to all the classics ‘Love don’t live here anymore’, oh and ‘Car Wash’!

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Dozza… I saw Chumbawumba a couple of times in the late 80’s early nineties, they were such zealots, possibly the least likely band ever to have a hit record.
saw them once in Prague, they played in u Zoufastou (or somfink, the name meant club despair), which was in a basement, cellar firetrap place just of the old town sq, a big pistachio mozart baroque building up top… and a punk club below.

It was an odd place, every time you went back it was twice the size as they’d found knocked down a couple of cellar walls and found a few extra rooms

when i turned up the place was rammed with hundreds of young polish punks.
quirkily Chumbawumba were big in Krakow!
What was her name, alice nutter? came out dressed as a nun and the whole place went bonkers
afterwards half the punks came back to stay, i know it’s a terrible thing to say, but they were so sweet, polite and smiley.
i was tempted to give them lessons in sneering. gurcha.

we had a huge loft, 50 or so of them could kip up there, i suspect some of themn are still up there, like Japanese Prisoners of war, you know, in the jungle on small melanesian islands??!

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