where to camp?

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East Dean!
I took the kids there last summer and it was brilliant, a hidden valley in the heart of the South Downs, surrounded by beech forest. Gerronimo Rope Swings

Extremely Cheap. No loos

New House Farm East Dean Chichester West Sussex

Those pesky ponies in the New Forest tho’
when i was about 5 my family went for a picnic there we were attacked by them, my sister was kicked by a stallion
she still has a lucky horseshoe hoofprint mark on her leg (some sorta stigmata!)
my mum whisked me and my younger sister away to safety, whilst my dad somehow hoiked the back seat out of the car and fought the stallion off, by this time the horse was rearing up like billyo. Hi Ho Silver!
Kemo Sabe Tonto
Dads are SuperHeros
Somehow amidst the meleƩ and kerfuffle my 2 year old brother was completely overlooked and stayed cheerfully playing on the picnic rug.

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