save on plastic

… response to another post

well that’s a fine idea, hopefully most people do that anyway, far too much horrible (yet often useful!) plastic in the world.
My one concern would be that i once read somewhere that it actually took more energy to heat water to wash the ceramic cups, than to produce the plastic? but that’s complete counter logic and obvious nonsense.

I liked the indian solution, which was that you’d get your cup of chai in a disposable terracotta cup. amazing little artefacts, a lump of clay, hastily thrown on a potters wheel.
Once i’d finished i’d do a little foot stamp olĂ©, then in the manner of cossacks by the fireplace with a shot of vodka i’d hurl it down to smithereens against the railway track! such fun.
the good thing being it would crumble back to dust (ashes to ashes, dust to dust), no rubbish! Mix-a-ma-religions, but one day the clay would be scooped up again to make another cup, rather hindii, karmic wheel law of eternal return. Recycling.

… on a rather more prosaic note, has anyone seen that glass, that looks like a nutella pot? you know the one with the love hearts around the rim. It’s always been my fave, so i hope it’s just being hoarded under a desk somewhere and not smashed, none of that keatsian “beaded bubbles winking at the brim”, just supping from crushed love hearts. mmm

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