now if only, if only, i were a giraffe, i would feast on flowers all day long

Richard Basgallop ?… in the evenings tho, i would play tiddlywinks.. and maybe dance the hornpipe. so there

Richard Basgallop and, just remembered, they have the most amazing liquorice black prehensile tongues!!!

Jane Robbie Och you would probably save some and make a flower chain to adorn around your ossicones (giraffe’s antlers to you!!) x

Richard Basgallop antlers! you mean those gnobbly things?? spare ears

Claire Treharne yes sometimes when you smell a really good rose I feel convinced they should be for eating or snorting or somehow ingesting!! mmmm ;O) or how about being a bumble bee, that way you could get right inside them and dust their pollen on your sides then go and do a little dance to share the pollen pot with everyone else:o) !

Richard Basgallop ooh i like the image of the bee dancing. cha cha cha. indeed what joy to be swaddled deep within the heart of the petals, to bee enveloped, to nectar bathe in flower yum juice! bzzz
… also, also i remember being at the temple of brahma, by the holy lake in in pushkar, chatting with the flower sellers at the door, apparently you are not supposed to sniff the Roses, they are an offering for the god and their pong is for the deity alone… so of course i got 2 flowers one for the god and one for me.. wandering around with it rammed up me hooter! Roses are just the best… still i imagine brahma to be the huge universe wide yawn slumbering lord of creation… so i hope he probably wouldn’t mind?!!

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