from 26th june (all these are old facebook posts!)

he he! mine was a childhood in the subdued hues of black and white, so as here, as always, i look mean, moody and magnificent! a subtle reinterpretation, regurgitation of clint eastwood?!
so far, spent morning strimming and a-sowing grass seed, encouraging the enemy(!) as the whole time spluttering with hayfever, but a majestic view out across the gorgeous, sparkling turquoise sea. tra la la
off to town now, for a dip? some table tennis? see Finn. low key, somewhere near meeting house cafe till 7ish if anyones passing… oh and prob a boogie later! hurrah x

a shameless ploy to encourage yet more birthday wishes, ya just can never have too many!… and of course! thank you so much for those so far. byeee lovelovelove xxx
thank you so much for all the marvelous birthday wishes from yesterday! lovely!
…awoke today in a mooching ponderous mood, foggy outside, thinking that of course it is the force of love blazing marvelously through our lives which is of most import, yes,
that and the way we deal with the maelstorm of emotions surrounding this, the pain, the jealousy… hmm how does that half remembered larkin poem go?
BUT, but, but, it is also the slow soft accrual of kindness, that is so fundamental, the unlooked for gentleness, the support from simple gestures, it is these that buoy us up through the years of hope and regret..
hmm the stone drip drip of stalactites in a limestone cave, or, a coral reef, all that florid colour and vitality! and also the coral, hard won skeletal form slowly softly accumulated across the centuries
..fades away to the usual mumble mutter pitter patter. off to sherbaileys camp later! tents and kids. ha x

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