worlds end (from 21st Dec)

Happy Solstice, new Bhaktun thingummibob vibes!
may all beings be well, may all beings be happy
my moment of tranquility came this morning half way up mount caburn, never where you expect it, after a trains cancelled dashing daughter to school
devoid of vigour i didn’t even make it to the top, just paused on a bench near a copse of trees
such strength and stillness, the trees looked like brittle twigs, but have you ever tried to push one over? i have! such obstinate power. you’d have to be a woolly mammoth, a rather chubby waddlesome one at that
anyway just sat and meditated for a while, warm sun, an edge of chill in the air, the continual chuck chuck warble sound of pheasants, a suprise unseasonal tweetle twerp of a song bird
the rumble of my stomach, the distant waterfall of the a27, the grubby clamour of mind… opening my eyes to a diamond sparkle in the grass, snail shell in my pocket, a sheepdog on the far hillside chasing spiral patterns
well, not an extraordinary transfiguring rapture, but, yep peace enough
so wherever you may find yourself, perched atop a ruined mayan ziggurat? else in the thin air high in the himalaya, above the temple of fire and ice at mukhtinath scrabbling precariously down from the thorung la pass… or at work… or tucked up in bed with miserable sniffles
i wish you well, and whether we feel it or not (some days do, some days don’t… as it is) know that we are together, we are one, and the force that holds us.. om shanti. love x

Richard Basgallop: pic is dawn this morn.. and 2 songs. primal scream wafflesome version (as me).. and dusty, brightons finest, a song to sing in the car!

Nigel Happy Solstice! Woken up by the motel toucan but feeling it safe to venture closer to Mayan territory .. so leaving wondrous panama. Come visit us In Nicaragua for the new year string! X
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Nicky Happy new ear :))))) xx
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