late crop

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late crop, some of the final few home grown blushing toms, from outdoors, bare earth, picked last week after i got back from spain
not been outside yet this morning, but kinda presuming the plant has finally keeled over and curled up its (toma) toes?
almost december?! such a mild, benign even balmy year (benign here at least, can’t imagine the polar ice is faring too well)
curiously all the other plants stopped bothering around september, yet this one had a growth spurt, roots must have blunder rummaged through into a realm of some of my deluxurious home made compost (obv poorly mixed)
fruits galore! like most folk, and being somewhat of a late bloomer myself, i’m always heartened and enthusiastic about lost causes
anyway back to snuffling my way through a horrible cold… and a project delivery which won’t stay delivered… sigh, grumble… but hey tomatoes!

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