audio of text

!*!!**! pop!corn! !*!!**!
life of a freelancer working from home, difficult bug to tinker with? deadline looming?
clearly now is the opportune moment to ‘cook’ a huge vat of the stuff
i find it hugely soothing, peering into the pot, wagering on which of the kernels will be next to explode… you! no you!!
something cosmologically calming, like the birth of the universe, random fluctuations within the energy field?
else the more mundane wallop and ricochet of a star exploding… pinball wizard!
its the cornucopia, abundance overflowing, porridge pot from the fairy story of yore
and then you get to gorge guzzle the stuff!!… plump puffed up polystyene… huge mouthfulls, munching on solid air!

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