eat nettles

eat nettles. drink kombuccha. sit in sunshine. listen to old, old Reggae…. and just occasionally, get on with work
yes nettle season is upon us! similar post every year, i know, but gadzillions of them flourishing in the nature reserve up by the cliffs
let the chomping frenzy begin! ha!
delicious nettle and walnut pesto for dinner… daughter, as ever, tolerant yet somewhat aghast
oh and collander helmet will protect me from both nettle hairy green stings … and bad vibezz xx

Kirst: yes!!! did you know that the anglo-saxon word for thge stinging nettle is wagaloo? im trying to get this back into circulation! such a good word, such an amazing plant!! x

wowsers, if i sat in a clump tho, my exclamation may well be somewhat more colourful than a ‘waaaghhhaloo!’and indeed most good for circulation too… brought over by the Romans, sacred to the god Mars, beautiful, astonishing bountiful nettles! xx

Joe R: We’re having the same day 😃

glad i’m not the only one with a collander on me bonce x

Tallula: Yesss nettles! looking forward to a stroll and a chat about nettle appreciation very soon

hurrah hop on a plane toot sweet… i’ve nearly finished weaving the pantaloons from spider skein xx

Roisin: A bad vibe couldn’t get near you!

Jess: Yummmmmm sounds sooo good!

Mags: You are my favorite nut job x

don’t panic. don’t panic

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