maggot tatcher

(polling day)

death to Maggot Tatcher! Vote Red, Vote Green! Vote Beetroot! Kali Yurga!?
and errm in my case vote lib dem! its newhaven/lewes, only chance of ousting the evil incumbent… ‘go tim’… said noone ever
i always like election day, a jolly georgian affair of rotton boroughs, rosettes and hope… sadly its usually the day after which is forever devastating
visceral disgust at the tories, they sicken me… i tried to do a whirling dervish dance in the church last night, but rather than reaching the usual ecstatic bliss, just felt queasy and nauseous
as tho i’d accidentally swallowed a tory election leaflet, or the front page of many of the tabloids?
personally i’d vote green, as what we’re recklessly doing to the planet is my gravest concern, plus i love the swashbuckling romanticism… and caroline lucas is genuinely brilliant and inspiring
i appreciate only a few of my friends would actually vote tory… and i struggle to comprehend it, but i guess thats part of me being a middle aged, middle class intellectual, when your life is awash with privilege and benign circumstances, hard to imagine a different world view… even tho their completely utterly WRONG! ha!
i’ve mostly ignored the election, i know where i stand, but the couple of times i’ve seen jezza, have to say he’s had a really good election… focused, coherent, passionate, benign
oh well, all will be as it will be
do get out and vote tho… its a beautiful thing, an honour to be able to do so
… and vote green!

oblig (as opposed to obliga-TORY!) polling day snap, tho due to govt cutbacks we can no longer afford any eyes

tho as the lad has a cold, he wouldn’t do the suggested ‘power to the people’ stance… spoilsport… kids of today!

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