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went to see a fascinating talk by Dennis McKenna yesterday, hosted by club imaginal
he covered an impressive coagulation of material in 2 hours, mostly with aplomb… occasionally at a plod… consciousness and psychedelics
i came away with the notion that perceived reality is a mental construct, the realm we inhabit a symbolic hallucination
that and the extent to which we, and all living things are, whether we realise it or not, in profound symbiosis with the plants
not new ideas, but well expressed… as with many of these talks some of the science is speculative (a smidgin spurious)… but dennis equally stressed the importance of poetic insight
are the plant guides external or internal? he was refreshingly agnostic about that
a priviledge to have the opportunity to see and hear these counter cultural icons… not quite the firebrand like his brother, but 50 years working in the field of ethno botany is an impressive haul
me.. wafflesome as ever, was still thinking of it this morning, marshland awash with mallows, bike got a puncture so a long purple push in which to admire them! fractal
pink blush of blackberry blossom, the purple tinge to the thorns, stain and harbringer of the coloured fruit to come
‘amongst ungulants’, as soon as our hominid anscestors left the cradle of our arboreal home, dabbling with fire, following the herds, curious mushroom guzzlers, consciousness flowering, dwell midst this the radiant (528) frequency of hathor

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