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… in other astonishing news… midst the mid november drab… i’ve just descaled the kettle… a new skill, black belt!… think i’ve cracked this working from home malarkey
both kids, blooming cheek, had complained, offending kettle once profoundly dragon scaled… no longer… my green tea (‘supreme matcha green’) now tastes like its made from freshly boiled swimming pool water… after some kid has peed in it
tho to be fair thats how it usually tastes anyway

yonder merfolk bloke harkens to the briney depths

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best boyband posturing, youth on lead scowl, whilst i embody tall

Auds: Is that the new album cover? 😉 x

album! what be these things of which thee speak?… how refreshingly 1980’s… no, as well you know, i’ve always been a ‘one hit blunder’… our 2017 tour shall comprise of turning on the christmas lights in ?? berkhamstead! x

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