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triton rising above neptune… one of the many profound and beautiful images from voyager
currently over 13 billion miles from earth… vast and astonishing out there!
watched an iplayer doc on it last night, geek love, 40 years since launch! obviously i was a space mad nut as a teenager
curious the sense of time and distances
carl sagan, the schmaltzy genius of cosmos… brian cox is just a wannabe… had an influence on my world view, ha, as did the cheerfully dubious ‘chariot of the gods’

how far is far…

.. and how near is now… well soon actually, always misremember lyrics…

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oh and galileo knew that copernicus was right, when, squinting through his telescope, he observed moons orbiting jupiter… ‘mamma mia, it’s not always about us’… tho admittedly a rather a curious concept to try and get over on facebook

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ha! yeah the martian was woeful, how is it possible to make such a dull plod of a fascinating notion? yep a martian colony should be achievable
i’m excited by the possibility of alien life on the moons of the outer planets… if thats the case life would be ubiquitous throughout the universe
water, hydrocarbons, energy (presumably geothermal), time… voila! … or the wonderfully named panspermia, life forms on comets, the idea, apparently has been around long before fusty old fred hoyle even x

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