laurie lee

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26th June… Laurie Lee shares my birthday… ha, no m’dear, not quite the same year
a somewhat blowsy and overblown Romanticism, the Cancerian daydreamy-ness, a reluctance to allow more than a smidgin of reality to impinge
haven’t read any of his books since teenage years, in retrospect, ‘as i walked out…’ ,his tale of youthful wandering in spain, was quite influential
better than sharing a birthday with stalin.

lees writing cheerfully weaves across the border twixt sublime and twee… bucolic, rhapsodic english pastoralism at its warmest
heritage, before the notion was invented, saved from being chocolate box by the rhythm and tenacious life wormed deep within his words…. sunset in flower-full may

…prompted by listening on the bus to brighton and back… plummy but often lush

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