space oddity

audio of text

‘but but it’s not bowie, ooh but but but it is space’
a few years later re-share for this ‘oddity’, i am left but with the curious reflection… theres a moustache in space! a moustache just floating forever, somewhere serenely in the void!
given a choice which karaoke song should be sang in zero-g? i’d probably go with another very obvious tash… mr fahrenheit, don’t s-t-o-p me now! just coz i loved leaping round the bedroom hollering it back in 80
… prompted by listening to the astronaut chris hadfields autobio which is still on bbc iPlayer radio last night… hadfield not whigfield
all astronauts are by the nature of the job a little dull (with the exception natch of cheerfully doolally buzz aldrin)
driven, meticulous and able to thrive in the weird quasi-militiarised world of astronutting… but chris came across as fundamentally canadian, warm and decent
and he sang bowie in space!! astonishing!

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