aj and aut leaf

apple juice and further autumnal leafage


lol: Oi, where’s our autumn extravaganza and accompanying poetic post 😉


RB: ha! careful what ya ask for, i shall go for a stroll atop the cliffs and compose, stumble upon, some words in a profound poetic reverie… ode to lol
those snaps of us from the other week are lush! fab day. my posts tend to be solipstic selfies, mostly as the kids hate it when i add pics of them!
anyway thought ya’d lurve the day of the dead mexicano pic, plus the juice is so tasty, will bring some tomoz xxx

Johnathan: I love you Richard 😁

thanks darling! hope the massage and cannabis potions are going down a storm in brizzle
may not be the official party line, but the mantra i always come away from buddhafield with is along the lines of ‘go to beautiful places, do amazing things, with wonderful people… with love in your heart’
not always whats required, and not always possible, but gotta be a good start!… oh and boast fluffily about it on here, of course, ha xx

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